Anya Christina Emmanuella Jenkins aka Emma Caulfield talks WandaVision

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-When Emma Caulfield showed up on WandaVision as Dottie Jones fans had been Confident that there had to be extra to her character then just some random character.

-Fans spent 9 weeks speculating all the prospective characters Dottie Jones truly was only for the show to reveal…Dottie Jones is just a random mom who got caught in Wandas Hex.

-Emma reveals that she was meant to be a red herring from the starting as they knew fans would be expecting extra from the character.

-Emma figures that they knew that WandaVision would share a comparable audience with Buffy The Vampire.

-She can realize fan aggravation and enjoyed seeing all the different theories that had been floating about.

-Please dont egg her residence out of aggravation.

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