America Ferrera’s daughter doesn’t like meeting new people


America Ferrera’s daughter “bursts into tears” around new people, because she’s spent all of her life in lockdown.

America Ferrera

America Ferrera

The ‘Ugly Betty’ alum welcomed her daughter Lucia into the world in May this year with her husband Ryan Williams, and the seven-month-old tot – who joins two-year-old Sebastian – isn’t used to having contact with people outside of her immediate family, because she’s spent every day of her life so far living in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

America explained: “Whenever there is an occasion for a new face, she just bursts into tears. She doesn’t know what to do with new faces, so hopefully she’s young enough that this will all start to get better before it can really start to stick with her.”

Raising two children amid the pandemic has been tough for America, because she’s found it “overwhelming” to work from home with two young tots who demand her attention.

She added: “Working from home is particularly difficult as mommy because if he or she smell me – and they smell me anywhere in the vicinity – then it’s just, ‘Mommy mommy mommy.’ That’s all they want, regardless of them having Dad or when we’re lucky enough to have someone helping us out.

“If Mom’s anywhere near, they just want me, so it can be difficult when I actually have to do work and get things done. I’ll lock myself in my bedroom because it’s the only place I can talk without my daughter hearing my voice and hearing her screaming for not holding her.”

And although juggling motherhood and her work life has been harder than ever this year, the ‘Superstore’ star still cherishes the “wonderful” time she’s been able to spend with her family because of lockdown.

The 36-year-old actress told People magazine: “I could never have imagined that we would be growing the family in this circumstance, but it’s also been wonderful because it has forced us to to really just spend time as a family of four and really get our rhythm of just being our little family. As challenging as the year has been, I think there will be a lot of fond memories of this time of really having to slow down and take the time to be together and sink into family life.”

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