Alternatives to NETA for CBD flower and low THC strains?

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Back when I was buying strictly recreational I would go to NETA for the convenience. Since getting my med card, I have explored a few other places in Boston, but I still like NETA for the CBD based strains (sour tsunami/cat kush is my jam) and lower THC strains (I really like Jack Frost). The problem? In addition to the bad things I’ve heard about their employee treatment, their medical patient perks are almost non-existent if you missed the initial window after getting a card, and the last flower purchase I got was unacceptably dry IMO. I am also disappointed they did away with selling 1g flower, especially since it’s already dry and as someone who smokes in moderation, by the time I use 3.5g it’s going to be harsher than hell.

Unfortunately, it seems like most places prioritize high THC content over other cannabinoids, even in medical dispensaries. I use edibles frequently as well, but the overall effects of flower can’t be beat for me. Anyone have suggestions in metro Boston?

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