Adam Driver Allegedly ‘Attacked’ Co-Star Lidia Franco While Filming ‘The Man Who Killed Don Quixote’


Adam Driver reminds me of Adan Sandler, Bruce Willis & every other actor is just themselves reading lines.

Like, Tom Cruise seems despicable, but dude can act.

No idea on these allegations — but it wasn’t as simple as ‘getting a chair pushed into her.’

This is a low-level actress whose career prob just ended by coming forward. If, at 76-yo, she has no history of histrionic claims, we should lend some credibility to what she says.

Easy enough to question the staff of every movie he’s been on.

When things like this seem so “mysterious’ it beggars belief.

If he were a serial fast food worker, they’d have already questioned all his past employers, or just locked himup.

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